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For flat roof repair, maintenance, and installation in Strathroy, contact your friends at RJeneration London Roofing & Renovations.

Our team has been providing professional roofing services to homeowners and business owners in the local area for many years. Our roofers are extensively trained and experienced, and we look forward to sharing our expertise with you.

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Choose Flat Roofing

While flat roofs are typically used on commercial properties, they are becoming more and more common on residential ones too. Not only are flat roofs easy and affordable to install, but they require less maintenance than other roofing options. It is also easier to access a flat roof and keep your eye out for issues after harsh weather or other events.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of flat roofs, our experts are happy to discuss them with you.

Installing a Flat Roof on a New Build

If you’re at the onset of a building project, you’ll require the help of a roofer at some point, and RJeneration London Roofing & Renovations is at your service. We have helped dozens of property owners get a flat roof fitted on their brand new building, and we’d be happy to do the same for you. Our experts will work with you closely to choose the perfect material and complete the installation on schedule and without a hitch.

We will take the time to explain the installation process, so you know what to expect on installation day.

Note that our experts also complete thorough clean-ups at the end of each working day to keep your property clean and safe during construction.

Regular Flat Roof Maintenance

Your roof is your shield. It protects your building from the elements, and the least you can do is take good care of it. Investing in an annual roof inspection and maintenance will help you avoid serious problems with your flat roof and increase its overall lifespan.

If it’s been a little while since your roof was last inspected, we invite you to book an appointment with our team.

Don’t Wait! Repair Your Flat Roof

If you suspect an issue with your flat roof – don’t wait for the problem to escalate. Flat roof damage will only worsen the longer it’s left to fester, and the faster you address the issue, the easier and cheaper it is to repair. Our experts encourage you to contact our experts if you notice any of the following problems:

  • General wear and tear – holes, cracks, leaks, etc.
  • Seasonal damage or storm damage
  • Vandalism
  • Collecting of leaves, garbage, and debris
  • Pooling water
  • Dips or uneven surfaces more broadly

If your concerns are unrelated to the issues above, still let us know. When it comes to protecting your roof – you’re better safe than sorry!

Our roof repair experts have seen it all, and we look forward to helping you protect your building for years into the future.

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RJeneration London Roofing & Renovations is Strathroy’s industry-leading flat roofing expert. We go above and beyond to provide you with a streamlined construction experience. Adding value and aesthetic appeal to your investment both now and well into the future.

The depth of our experience covers a wide range of flat roofing systems, installation, and repair techniques. Don’t miss out on the best results and service in the city. Call us today at (519) 670-9985 for an estimate.

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Smart Flat Roofing Designs

Your home or business is one of the biggest investments you will make. Shield it with innovative flat roofing designs that are built with the greatest skill and craftsmanship. We meet all industry standards and local building codes. Make sure you are getting the most out of your hard-earned dollar. Sit down with our experts to discuss the specifics of your new building project, home addition, or renovation project. We’re looking forward to putting together a value-driven quote on your behalf, at no obligation to you.

Flat Roofing Drainage Solutions

Customizing flat roofing drainage solutions is our specialty. We are licensed technicians with years of combined experience tackling flat roofing issues of all types. If your water run-off needs are complex, we’re seasoned professionals who will quickly identify and solve the problem. 

In our experience, it’s best to make sure drainage has been well accounted for during the initial installation. However, this is not always the case. No matter what shape your roof is in, we’re the affordable team that can restore it to excellent function in no time. Just reach out to our office to schedule an appointment so we can take a look.

Affordable Flat Roofing Cost

Passing the savings on to you is one of the cornerstones of our business. To do this, we keep excellent relationships with our suppliers and employees and strive to reduce costs without ever cutting any corners. Working quickly and efficiently with a skilled crew allows us to offer exceptional rates. Phone us to discuss the details and receive a comprehensive estimate.

Flat Roofing Houses and Garages: Seamless Results Guaranteed

Use your urban space to your full advantage by installing flat roofing on your house and garage. In addition to providing a streamlined view corridor, flat roofs are also perfect for taking water flow control into your own hands. If you are considering adding a garage to your property, reach out to us for roofing solutions you can always count on.

A Leader Among Local Flat Roofing Companies

As one of the top-rated flat roofing companies in the city, we take our work very seriously. We understand how important it is to maintain a high standard of excellence, so we take it upon ourselves to continuously train our staff in the latest safety and flat roofing installation technologies.

Another thing that sets us apart from the rest is our commitment to your complete satisfaction. Without a properly installed roof, your home is at risk of damage from the elements—phone our team for a reliable estimate and unbeatable craftsmanship.

Flat Roof Construction

Done Fast. Built to Last.

For flat roof construction, we’re the team you can trust. We boast a proven track record as the city’s premier flat roofing company, working with skill and efficiency to deliver the results you need, when you need them. Our streamlined building process ensures a timely turnaround without cutting corners, allowing us to drive down costs while meeting the highest industry standards. Save time, save money, and get the best-built roof on the block. With us, you’ll do all three.

We promise:

  • On-time service
  • Tailored design-build solutions
  • Comprehensive consultations
  • Budget-friendly options
  • Quality guaranteed

Flat Roofing Types

RJeneration London Roofing & Renovations customizes flat roofing solutions with flat roof material options that increase roof life expectancy that include:

Single Layer Membrane Flat Roofing - RJeneration London Roofing & Renovations provides superior roofing material for your flat roof building Strathroy in a range of installations that include EPDM, PVC and Polymer modified bitumen applications. Our certified singly membrane installations can be ballasted or fully adhered to the roof deck. EPDM roof seams can be mechanical fastened and PVC seams heat welded. Consult with our team of experienced and certified roofing professionals for qualified expertise and customized flat roofing solutions.

Built-Up Roofing – Installed in several layers of superior asphalt roofing material embedded with a bitumen application RJeneration London Roofing & Renovations built-up roofing installations are layered to a 4 ply thickness that offers superior resistance to UV rays and extreme weather conditions. As temperatures rise and fall, the tar in the roof expands and contracts, helping patch cracks and holes to provide an even longer lifespan. Its natural ability to heal itself makes it an exceptionally durable and cost-effective choice for a flat roofing system.

Diagnosing Problems With a Flat Roofing System

The challenge of a flat roofing or low sloped roofing system is water drainage that requires roofing materials that can stand up to wet and variable weather conditions. RJeneration London Roofing & Renovations roofers are skilled and experienced with applying rubber polymer singly membrane and specially treated asphalt flat roofing options that are highly water resistant, energy efficient and environmentally sustainable. Consult with a Strathroy roofing specialist to learn more about the best type of flat roof for your commercial or residential property.

Flat Roof Inspection and Repair

Whether made up of PVC, EPDM, TPO, Modified Bitumen, or built-up (BUR), identifying and locating the flat roof repair problems can be a challenge for property owner in Strathroy because of the multiple layer system typical to most flat roofing installations. Licensed and insured RJeneration London Roofing & Renovations technicians are experienced with quickly identifying the source of flat roof leaks and other forms of roof damage and follow through with cost effective and prompt roof restoration and maintenance.

We make quick work of even the toughest repairs, carrying out every job with speed and efficiency. Our rigorous quality control ensures a complete repair for the best results, giving your roof just what it needs to last long and perform better than before. Whether you have a leak, poor insulation, or structural damage, you can depend on us to fix it fast and at a fair price.

We can help with:

  • Structural repairs
  • Cosmetic damage
  • Storm and weather damage
  • Pooling water
  • Drainage issues
  • Patching and sealing
  • Leak repairs
  • ...and more

All repairs begin with a comprehensive roof inspection. We use the latest investigative techniques, tools, and technology to give your roof a complete performance assessment. Checking every detail, we leave no stone unturned to ensure we get to the root of your problem. That way, we can provide a complete repair that gets your roof back into the best possible condition. For quality repairs and in-depth inspections, look no further than RJeneration London Roofing & Renovations to do the job right.

Flat Roof Advantages

Cost-Effective – Adapted to almost any sized structure a flat roof requires less material and less labour to assemble and does not place as much of a burden on a property's foundation as some other roofing options.

Added Living Space Options – Flat roofs allow for roof decks or rooftop gardens that enhance outdoor living. They offer unparalleled customization options for businesses, communal areas, and homes to maximize space.

Easier Installation – Flat roofs are built and installed in much less time that a pitched or sloped roof. It makes it much easier for businesses to get back on track and worry less about time lost on building maintenance. If you want to save time and money, a flat roof is the only way to go.

Easy to Maintain – An uncomplicated system with no shingles or decorative design to worry about, flat roofing systems can be repaired at a fraction of the cost of a sloped roof and also provide easier and safer access for gutter cleaning and visual roof inspections. Talk about smart. When it comes to maintenance, a flat roof is your best bet.

Extend Your Flat Roof’s Lifespan

Get the very most out of your roof with our preventative roof maintenance services. We develop comprehensive maintenance programs designed to maximize performance and enhance your roof’s lifespan. Whether you need to improve weather resistance or reduce repair costs, our maintenance services are just the ticket.

We work closely with each client to provide tailored maintenance services that help them get the highest return on investment. Through our robust inspection process, we’re able to detect underlying issues that might otherwise go unnoticed and lead to long-term problems. By working with care and diligence, we manage to prevent such issues from occurring in the first place. The result? Fewer repairs, less upkeep, and more money in your pocket. Save yourself time and money by choosing our flat roof maintenance services today.

The Flat Roofer You Can Trust

You need a roofer you can trust to do the job right. RJeneration London Roofing & Renovations is proud to be that roofer.

We boast a strong reputation and a stellar record of success of licensed, certified roofers. Our commitment to our craft is matched only by our commitment to our customers. Going above and beyond to meet your needs, we provide timely services defined by quality, transparency, and fair pricing. Excellence is what we promise—your satisfaction, what we guarantee.

Rest assured: When you choose us, you know you have a roofing company you can trust.

Why Choose RJeneration London Roofing & Renovations?

We combine years of experience with a commitment to customer satisfaction. Patience, diligence, and passion define our work, define us as tradespeople. We work with the highest standards in mind, consistently going above and beyond to not only meet our clients' needs, but exceed them. From repairs to replacements, we're here to deliver the results you need, want, and deserve.

As a client of ours, you can expect:

  • Licensed and fully trained roofing technicians
  • Material and labor warranties
  • Fully insured roofing professionals
  • Qualified onsite project management
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed

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Don't delay. If you need flat roofing services, we're the team to choose. Over the years, we’ve proved ourselves the leading flat roofing company in Strathroy. Our commitment to client satisfaction—paired with our years of experience—ensure the highest standard of workmanship available. Clients near and far have turned to us for all their roofing needs. They’ve all appreciated our quality work, client-focused approach, and fair pricing.

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