I checked the weather channel this morning and was not surprised to see that further north it has snowed already. It wasn’t even a dusting. It was a nice white fluffy layer.  While we all seem to know it is inevitable that snow is coming, most of us are not preparing for snow the first few days into November.  But you can be.  Here are some tips you can use to ensure your roof is prepared to stand up to all the cold, ice, wind and snow that winter can throw at it.

Roof Inspection Winter Roof Preparation, RJeneration Roofing, London, Ontario

1. Clear the area around your roof.

A thorough cleaning is the best way to start winterizing your roof.


Get rid of tree branches that overhang the roof. These branches can drop and potentially cause damage to your roof in the future. Also, overhang creates the possibility of sticky sap dropping onto your roof.


Finally, clean out leaves sticks and other debris from the eavestroughs. Clogged gutters can cause so many issues, not only in the gutters but for the function and health of your roof overall.


Next, clear the branches and sticks that are already on your roof. You don’t want them to attempt penetration, stop water drainage, or to rot causing mold.


If when you are cleaning you find these things call for help: asphalt granules building up in gutters, missing, curled, or cracked shingles, damaged flashings.

The heavy lifters

2. Check your roofs support system

Your roofs edge is made up of soffit, fascia, and fasteners.  These components all make sure your roof is getting the support it needs for all the weight of that winter snow.  It is important to check in and make sure they still have what it takes to do their job.  An inspection is required.  You don’t want to see: rust, cracked or missing sealant, and especially not loose or worn fastners.  If you do you need to call in the professionals like RJeneration roofing.

Why winterize your roof?

No indoor snowstorms.

No renovating during the holidays.

Worry free warm night sleeps.

Roof Inspection Winter Roof Preparation, RJeneration Roofing, London, Ontario

3. Check out the attic.

If your roof is not doing well often you can see it there.

The first thing you might notice is if animals have been living or playing around in there. If they have you need to look around at where they got in, what they have done and what you will need to do about it. Next, check your insulation. If it uneven, breaking down or wet then your attic or roof may need some work before winter to ensure it is ready for what is to come.

After that, make sure your fans and vents are working to ensure proper ventilation. Lastly, check for staining in the attic and tops of the ceiling to make sure there are no existing water leakage issues. Such damage can go from small to disastrous. Don't leave it unfixed before the harshness of winter.

If you have any attic issues getting professionals to handle it before winter is much more cost-effective than waiting until after.

The snow is coming…

Fall into the Habit of Winterizing your Roof

If there are no issues you can likely handle a winter roof inspection yourself. If you don't have time for winterizing we do. Plus, we are inspection experts. If you find issues you are doing yourself, your wallet, and your roof a favor by winterizing with a pro like RJeneration Roofing this Fall.

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