Fall, it is not too hot.  It is not too cold.  It is just the right weather for re-roofing.  Take advantage of fall’s moderate temperatures to provide yourself with an ideal re-roofing experience.

Productive Work

With the temperature at medium levels, roofers will not overheat installing your new roof. They won’t be slowed by coldness either. Working in a comfortable environment means your crew is in an ideal state physically and mentally. Everyone knows happy workers are more focused and productive.

Faster Turn-Around

Because there are no early days from heat exhaustion, you get your roof faster. RJEneration roofers will be able to put in long full days without sweat. The result is that the time it takes to finish your project will be shorter. Everyone wants their renovation to be finished as soon as possible. It is a huge plus.

Optimal Material Instalation

In the fall there are milder conditions than other seasons. When products and materials are installed uninterrupted by weather conditions, there is less likelihood of any problems associated with rain, temperature or wind. This is true during and after installation. By re-roofing in the fall you are safeguarding the longevity of your roof by having ensured a quality installation.

A Perfect Seal

Shingles must create an air tight seal to prevent water and other debris from entering your home. You need to give shingles some time to form this barrier prior to stormy weather. Fall is the perfect time to do this as it is nicer outside than in winter or spring. Also, re-roofing in fall gives the shingles plenty of time to be prepared for the intense weather of winter.

Re-Roofing New Roof Fall RJEneration Roofing London Ontario

Relax knowing your home is safe

Disaster Prevention

If you think there are issues with your roof now, waiting until spring to re-roof could prove disastrous.  Fixing problems before they occur is much more cost effective than emergencie roof repair. Winter roof issues typically result in both structural and internal damage. This quickly becomes very costly.

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