It is Fall, beautiful Fall! Go outside and take in the crisp air and the changing colours of leaves.  While out there though, you may also notice that in having enjoyed the warmth of summer, many outdoor projects were put off.  So if you haven’t done it yet, it is time to clean your roof and gutters.

But did you know you don’t have to?

There are professional roof cleaning services for that.

Many people automatically lean to power washers for cleaning their roofs.  The issue with this is they are too high pressure and may break shingles and seals. In fact most non-professional equipment and cleaners are likely to damage roof parts and finishings.  Additionally, cleaners available to the general public are also likely to harm the environment once the cleaning water hits the soil below .

There are other ways to do things.  Roof cleaning can be delegated.  Hire professional cleaners to remove all the debris, clean shingles and do a gutter cleaning.  For top care do this bi-annually, but at least once a year is recommended.  Fall is the perfect time for gutter cleaning.  It helps prep for winter.  Clutter in gutters can be extracted now so it is not intermingling with ice in the winter.

If you think it is expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amature.

Noticing Streaks and Discolouration?

They not only take away from the aesthetics of your shingles but may be causing serious damage.  It could be moss, mildew spores, fungus or bacteria.  They need to be taken care of properly and immediately so they don’t grow back.  Knowing how to handle infestations is a breeze for professionals who rid roofs of mold daily.

Avoid Replacement

Too often roofs need to be replaced earlier than expected.  While new roofs do look fabulous putting them up is an annoying process for homeowners.  On top of that it is pretty expensive.  The trick to giving a roof the longevity that will save you money is maintnance.  Keeping up requires regular roof cleanings done by professionals.

Curb Appeal

Check the neighbourhood and you will find dark and dingy roofs.  People often don’t know roofs can or even need to be cleaned.  But no one wants that house on the street that is an eyesore.  Raise your curb appeal by having your roof cleaned.  It can really brighten things up.  Get a proffessional to give your house a makeover with a Fall roof cleaning.

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We actually WANT to clean your roof.

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