Windows Have So Many Cool Features

There are countless reasons why windows likely do more than you have noticed. Here are just some of their underpraised capabilities.

Shatterproof glass is 2 to 4 times stronger than standard window glass. It adds security protecting against stormy weather and break-ins .

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Get more from your windows by being knowlegable about them


Windows use 15% of your wall space. With prominent visibility in your home looks are important. Don't forget to consider them in design.


Adding awnings to windows allows you to keep windows open during light rain. It also limits light coming in reducing energy cost in the summer.

Easy Cleaning

Single and double-hung windows make lifting, tilting, and cleaning easy. Plus, they don't protrude on porches or patios.

Self -Cleaning

Help with cleaning with the addition of a dual-action coating that breaks down grime as it accumulates on glass.


Custom grilles can be added to standard windows for dramatic effect. They do not significantly impact price either and can even be based on personal sketches.


You get 30% more light using a skylight than a verticle window the same size.

Window Abbreviations

Confused by window abbreviations?  Here is the low down.  R-value is a measurement of heat flow resistance.  The higher an R-value is the more efficient the window is.  There is also the U-factor.  The lower this number is the more efficient the rate of heat transfer from inside to outside your home.  SHGC is Solar Heat Gain Coefficient and measures how much heat is getting into your house from the sun.  You want a low SHGC so that less heat is coming in.

windows R-value U-value RJEneration Roofing London Ontario
windows Window lifespan RJEneration Roofing London Ontario


Ever wonder how long your windows should last?  The majority of manufacturers recommend that windows be replaced approximately every 20 years.  You can tell if your windows are failing if you are experiencing any of the following… the windows are sealed or painted shut, you have draftiness, there is condensation on the window panes, or are experiencing ice or frost o the windows.

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