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Bay Windows create

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My bay window creates a cozy nook in my kitchen
It is nice to eat with my family in our comforting window area overlooking the garden

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What is a bay window?

Bay windows are aptly named bay windows because they literaly form a bay in a room.  Three windows project outward from the main walls adding additional space to a homes environment.

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Added Value

Bay windows add value to your home.  They add a clean, modern look.  Most people are attracted to their asthetic appeal making them a great feature for your curent living space and for potential buyers if you intend to sell.



Bay windows can be installed in any room and can provide multiple uses in each.  They are popular in kitchens and living room.  Amonsgt many other choices they can be kitchen eating areas, ledges for a plant collection, reading nooks, or even just add the luxury of extra space.  Also, they work with multiple aesthetics such as modern and victorian.

Natural Light

Everyone prefers sunlight to LED light.  Bay windows provide significantly more natural light than a single window. Light streams in fom  multiple directions bathing the room with warth and light.

Better Exterior Views

Bay windows allow you to look in all directions providing and extensive unbroken view.  Whether watching children or enjoying your lanscape it is always better to have a bigger picture.  This feature makes bay windows an ideal seating area.

Good Ventilation

Because bay windows have two operating windows a breeze can be enjoyed from two directions instead of one.  This provides optimal home comfort.  Additionally, ventilation prevents pollutants and airs out unwanted oudour.

Extra Space

Bay windows add dimension to your home.  They in actuality give you more physical space because they jut out from the wall.  It is suprising how much bigger a room can feel with their addition.  Often people take advantage of this space using it as storage for books or organizing things in a bench seating area.

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