You have heard people talking about it.  It is a widely questioned subject.  Does your choice of shingle colour affect your heating and cooling bill? What about your roof’s durability?  Which is better?  Light vs. dark.  Let’s talk about what might be some of the gains of each…or are there really any benefits between colour choices at all.

Dark Shingles

Black shingles are classic providing a stunning look.  They hide imperfections if you are re-roofing an older home. Also, when it comes to heat they may have a bad rep for no reason.

Light or Dark Shingles Roofing London Ontario Light or Dark Shingles Roofing London Ontario
Light Shingles

It is not hard to see that white and light shingles are a new trend.  It is true, they do decrease the temperature of your roof. However, is debatable whether this is really saving you money. 

Benefits and Deficits

Let’s take a closer look…

When it comes to shingle duration the opinion is mixed as to whether dark shingles have a shorter longevity. Dark roofs are inevitably hotter and some believe this leads to quicker deterioration. But other researchers say that UV plays a bigger role. This means that colour won't make a difference. What is known, is that of far greater importance than colour is good ventilation under your shingles. RJEneration always makes sure that ventilation is a priority when installing shingles. You can be assured no matter what colour you choose your roof is going to have lengthy durability.

What is often the most debated when it comes to colour comparison is whether lighter shingles will keep your roof cooler. The hope is that light shingles will save you money on your energy bill. Light shingles are proven to lower roof temperatures by 8 to 10 degrees. While this is true, what is surprising is that the roof temperature does not translate to decreased temperature in your home. If an attic has proper roof ventilation then roof temperature does not even affect the climate in your home. If a roof has proper vents, soffit and attic fans you will find that is where the true cost saving lay.

So what to choose?

Follow your heart. Be stylish. Pick what matches your brick best. Blend in or stand out from the shingle colours in your neighbourhood. There is such a vast selection of dark, medium, and light shingles. There are tons of neutrals and colours too. It is great to know you can pick whatever you want and always be making the right decision.

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