If you are a handyman or woman you are probably used to fixing things around the home yourself to save money.  So when there are issues with the roof it is natural to gravitate to the idea of saving money there as well.  But roofing is one job that just isn’t worth doing yourself.  You could even lose money, also, it is difficult, tedious and above all dangerous.  Here are some reasons you should think twice.

Your home should not be an experiment. Roofers have many years of experience that give them skills and abilities do it yourself-ers just can't replicate.

diy roof repair London Ontario
Do I have what it takes to do this?

Experience Matters


Roofs are high and pitched. While using ladders and moving tools and materials around might seem simple enough accident stats say otherwise. Working on a roof is new to you but roofers have done it hundreds of time. Roofers know fall prevention techniques because personal injury is very commonplace in roof repair. Inexperience on a roof puts you at risk.

Curb Appeal

While most people do not notice your roof right away they will notice if it is poorly installed. Ripping or uneven shingles are an eyesore. Having crooked shingles is embarrassing. Don't make your house stand out for the wrong reasons.

Materials and Techniques

Understanding the repair that needs to be done is not always self-evident. Roofers are experts at seeing what problem areas need to be fixed. Without experience, you might not see the big picture and only fix part of the problem. This will leave issues unresolved. Also, there are many techniques which vary with roof conditions and materials. It would be hard to know which technique you should be using without experience. It is often hard to know which materials are required and with roofing, you don't want to be missing essential layers or have essential layers inadequately installed.

The Cost of Getting it Wrong

An improperly repaired roof can cause a myriad of problems. Your roof can be more prone to weather conditions. Mold can grow if water pools, leaks can occur, materials can rot. These repairs will cost you more than if you had gotten a professional quote before trying DIY.
Fixing your roof yourself can void your roof's warranty. So, you are costing yourself a fortune if you have larger issues later. With a 10 to 25 year warranty that is a lot to be throwing away. Any future repairs after your DIY project mean in the future you are paying out of pocket when you do need help.

DIY could actually cost you more


If things go wrong you will need to pay professionals on top of the costs you already incurred.

If you only fix part of the problem…

If you don’t make the repairs right…
If you used the wrong materials…
If you get hurt doing the job…
If you still have problems after…
If you have new problems after…
If your work doesn’t have good showmanship…


Chances are the original quote would have been cheaper than the one you will incur after a botched DIY attempt.

Get the job done right

Bring in the professionals

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