Spring is here!

Most of us are relieved to have gotten through the cold of winter and to be heading into brighter warmer days. It is a season to get outside and enjoy the weather. The renewal of spring draws many of us to start spring cleaning making everything fresh again.

What one likely hasn't considered is that roofs appreciate the spring after a long winter of turbulent weather conditions too. Also, just like our homes and garages roofs can use a little spring cleaning as well.

With the warm weather upon us, but not bearing down on us like in the summer, spring is the perfect season for repairs and new roofs.

Get a good look


There is a limited window of optimal visibility of your roof. In the winter it is covered in snow plus no one wants to go outside to look around. In the summertime, the heat and humidity cause a haze and vision is impeded. But in the spring you can look up and get a good view of what is going on with your roof. Scanning for damage, debris, curled or removed shingles becomes much easier. If you want a good inspection, spring is the time to do it.

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It doesn't get any better than this

Optimal Weather

Roofing projects sometimes affect the interior temperature of the home. In the summer that means costly air conditioning bills or living in an overheated house. In the fall we are looking at chilling drafts. Getting repairs done in the spring one is not taking any chances of discomfort in the home. Additionally, sometimes humidity can cause moisture that can result in further roof damage during an extended roof project. Spring temperatures are ideal for avoiding compounding problems.

Time is money

Easier Repairs

Surprisingly, a season can have a huge impact on the ease of roofing and this can result in cost savings for you. Many roofing materials, including shingles, have optimal temperatures that make them easier or harder to work with. Roofing materials do not like to be too hot or too cold. Working with the intermediate weather of spring means these materials are easier to use. With ease of use comes efficiency. Efficiency saves time and saving time saves money. Workers also perform their best in ideal weather. Hot summer days can result in workers having shorter days adding days to the project. When workers are not slowed down by the heat or the cold your job gets done faster and that saves you money.

Why wait?

Not the busy season

Spring is a slower season in roofing compared to summer and fall. If you want your project done sooner than later taking advantage of springs shorter waiting times is the way to go. Many people are scrambling in summer trying to get their roofs finished before the cold of late fall and winter. Spring gives you priority.

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