We all know that having a roof over one’s head is of basic importance but few of us stop to think about how significant that roof is.  When it comes to ourselves we all know that eating right, exercising (even if minimally, haha) and seeing our doctors for check-ups can take care of the small stuff and delay serious issues.  Similarly, roofs need care to do everything a roof is supposed to do in a healthy way.

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Roofs need regular check-ups

Okay, a roof does not need good food or proper exercise to perform optimally, but it does need regular check-ups. Your roof is exposed to the weather every day: sun, rain, and snow these all age your roof.  Unfortunately, waiting until a roof is unhealthy for repairs is all too much the norm. Such as when there is obvious physical damage or the roof is leaking.

At this point, it is already too late to prevent expensive repairs.  A better approach is to catch these issues ahead of time by preventing them.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  By spending modest amounts on regular roof care you can save thousands in costly repairs.

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We watch for…
  • roof penetrations
  • missing shingles
  • loose shingles
  • mold
  • flashing
  • gutter malfunctions
  • improper water run-off

Prevent expensive liabilities

The best approach to protect your home is to have semi-annual roof inspections in the spring and fall.  These inspections keep your roof healthy by averting issues before they become expensive liabilities.  Inspections normally look for possible roof penetrations, for missing or loose shingles, checking shingles for moss or mold, flashing, chimney flashings, skylights, gutter functions, and water run-off.  Inspection reports detail any defects, suggest repairs and give estimate a roofs life expectancy.  These reports allow you to be able to budget and make proper decisions for maintenance and repair. Maintaining your roof in this way prevents costly mistakes. Paying for small issues to be fixed results in large savings. Allowing your roof to work as it was designed prevents a headache and is lighter on your pocketbook.

Let’s maintain your roofs life expectancy

Make sure your roof is receiving bi-annual care.

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