Life happens.  Disasters, unfortunately, are an unavoidable part of life.  Broken or leaking roofs occur when we least expect them from either structural damage or natural disaster.  While we can’t do much about the disaster having happened we can know how to react once a roof emergency arises.

Stay calm and assess

Prevent Interior Damage

If the roof is damaged above a living area make sure to protect your interior possessions.  Put a tarp down with a bucket on it (or several) should there be any leaking.  Check the attic to see if any buckets are needed there.  Remove any valuables from affected and surrounding areas just in case.  We want to avoid any further water damage on the inside of the house.

Do a Good Inspection of the Roof in Daylight

It is important that you get a good look at the damage to give an accurate statement to insurance companies.  Doing a proper inspection now can avoid unforeseen cost or discrepancies in claims.  It is best to use binoculars during daylight to do a correct assessment.

Emergency roof repairs London Ontario
Emergency roof repairs London Ontario

Things to include in your assessment…


There are some key things you should be looking for.

Need help with your assessment.  We can do that.
The Condition of the roof directly where the damage had occurred
  • The square footage of the area that is damaged
  • The severity of the damage
  • What the area where the damage is occurring from looks like
The condition of the rest of the roof
  • Is there further visible water damage, or sagging?
  • Are there missing or damaged shingles, deteriorating shingles, bald spots, loss of granules?
  • Is there abnormal shingle curling?
Materials that may be visible or exposed
  • plywood
  • tarpaper
  • broken shingles
  • missing shingles

In any roofing emergency we have your back

Call your Insurance Company or Maybe Us

Now that you have a good scope of the damage it is time to see if insurance is the way to go.  Make sure you give them the full details of your assessment.  With their help figure out if the damage is extensive enough to cover with home insurance.  Insurance may be the way to go. When damage is less extensive it may be more economical to deal with Rjeneration roofing directly.

Contact RJeneration Roofing

By calling RJeneration Roofing you know you are hiring a professional certified contractor ready to take on your emergency. We can be the calm to your storm in roofing disasters.

We are here to help

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