Winter is by far the hardest month on any home, but roofs take the hardest impact.

Flat roofs are particularly vulnerable because they lack the pitch to slop off snow, rain, and other debris.

Here are some things you can do to make sure your flat roof is well maintained over the winter.

Get Rid of the Snow

If snow has a build-up to over 12 inches on the roof it needs to be removed. Even better, snow should be removed regularly. You don’t just shovel your driveway once over the snow season. Similarly, snow removal on the roof is best when it occurs several times over the winter. Keep in mind snow removal can be dangerous. Use caution and proper equipment or hire someone with adequate experience.

Keep the Roof Top Clean

Leaves and sticks should be removed from the roof. Such debris can scratch and tear roofing membranes. Additionally, if left debris can become moldy when trapped under the snow. This can lead to future problems. When sweeping away debris use only a moderate amount of force. Moving debris briskly could cause unintentional removal of protective coating or damage the roof's membrane. Be cautious.

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Investigate to prevent leakage from snow and water

Check for Water Blisters

When sweeping the roof for snow or debris check for pockets or blisters of water between membrane layers. Blisters need to be removed before they cause leaks or other structural damage. If these blisters are occurring over a large part of your roof it is a sign that the roof is losing its waterproof coating. In this case, your roof needs maintenance right away.

Remember to Book your Bi-Annual Inspections

Preventative inspections and maintenance in the fall ensure potential debris that could fall unto the roof is caught ahead of time. Gutters are cleaned at this time as well. This inspection and maintenance eliminate, not all but foreseeable, hazards that could be harmful to the roof over the winter. Spring inspection involves looking for cracks, holes, and tears caused by winter’s harsh environment. Regular checkups and small repairs prevent big problems resulting in a cost-effective way to maintain a roof.

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